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 Trust and Financial Services

Trust Administration

You can be assured that your loved ones will be taken care of by establishing a trust. And when First State Bank & Trust is selected as Trustee, you can be confident that your estate will be used and distributed according to your wishes.

What is a trust?

A trust is a legal agreement set up in order to transfer assets advantageously to beneficiaries – often your spouse, children, grandchildren or a charity. A trust agreement is prepared by an attorney according to your provided instructions and establishes the trust. The assets transferred to a trust may be managed and distributed by First State Bank & Trust as a trustee in accordance with the trust agreement.

A trust may be your most important financial legacy and contains assets that have been carefully safeguarded. Following your instructions, these assets are to be protected and distributed to the people you care about. With First State Bank & Trust, you can be certain that your wishes will be carried out just as you have planned.

Estate Administration

Settling an estate is an immense responsibility.

Picking the right executor – and the right team of supporting professionals – can make a meaningful difference in how easily and efficiently your loved ones will receive their inheritance and how well your plans are carried out.

Our Estate Administration Services Include:

  • Collecting and preserving assets
  • Distribution of assets
  • Assistance in making tax decisions
  • Recordkeeping
  • Payment of final expenses
  • File life and health insurance claims
  • File all necessary tax returns and paying appropriate federal and state taxes.

Wealth Management

Accumulation, growth, protection or legacy planning; we are here for you in each phase of your financial life.

We aspire to help you reach your goals by safeguarding and growing your assets, so that you may continue enjoying a lifestyle to which you and your loved ones have become accustomed. Your legacy begins and continues here.

First State Bank and Trust also offers the following services. Click to learn more:

Investment Management
IRA Rollovers
Financial Planning
Retirement Planning

Investment Management

We deliver a strategic investment plan that meets your goals by balancing risk tolerance and financial needs.

Our investment process can be summarized by the following:

  • Understand each client’s specific financial goals and objectives
  • Develop an asset allocation and suitable investment strategy
  • Monitoring of investments, allocation and strategy
  • Recommend changes to the portfolio and strategy throughout the relationship

IRA Rollovers

IRA Rollovers allow you to move funds from an employer-sponsored retirement plan into an IRA. With an IRA rollover, the tax-deferred status of your retirement assets can be preserved, without paying current taxes or early withdrawal penalties at the time of transfer.

Consolidating retirement assets into a rollover IRA can help you manage these assets carefully and efficiently over the long term while simplifying your financial life. Bring your retirement home to First State Bank & Trust, your trusted local financial institution.

Financial Planning

As the old saying goes, individuals often do not plan to fail, but fail to plan. Creating a plan is the first step to achieving your goals. Our team will take the time to fully understand your financial goals and identify how we can build on your successes with a comprehensive plan.

Retirement Planning

Whether you are currently retired, retirement is around the corner or decades away, you’ll need a smart plan to generate solid returns, grow your nest egg and map out a comfortable future.

For most people, an important part of retirement is having enough money to live comfortably. We can assess your current retirement accumulation strategy to ensure it is still consistent with your objectives.

Retirement planning is more than saving; it includes continued assessment of your needs as you approach the various milestones of your life. Based on your overall financial goals, our team will assist you in developing a comprehensive plan to save for and then transition into retirement.

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