You will find trust services at First State Bank & Trust to be useful for a variety of purposes. A trust puts you in control of your assets and may be used to gain the following benefits: to maximize assets and/or income, reduce estate taxes, take care of loved ones, provide professional asset management, pay bills, give to charity, avoid probate, or to ensure privacy during estate settlement.

Testamentary Trusts - Estate Settlement Services (Irrevocable)

You can appoint First State Bank & Trust to administer estate assets after your death.

  • Your estate is settled according to your exact instructions.
  • As administrator, we can inventory estate assets and arrange for sale or distribution of property.
  • We file tax forms and handle other tedious paperwork.
  • Our estate administration is compassionate and professional.
  • Let us relieve your family of complicated responsibilities during a difficult time.

Are you interested in developing a financial plan for yourself and/or your heirs? If so, a trust may be the right instrument for you. Contact us today for more information.

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