You will find trust services at First State Bank & Trust to be useful for a variety of purposes. A trust puts you in control of your assets and may be used to gain the following benefits: to maximize assets and/or income, reduce estate taxes, take care of loved ones, provide professional asset management, pay bills, give to charity, avoid probate, or to ensure privacy during estate settlement.

Living Trusts (usually Revocable)

Peace of mind is yours, knowing that professionals are handling complex and time-consuming chores such as managing your investments or paying your taxes. You may ask First State Bank & Trust to invest and administer your personal assets -- cash, investments, real estate, annuities, a business, etc.

Some advantages are:

  • You keep control, staying as involved or uninvolved in investment decisions as you like.
  • Your fortune doesn't have to be large -- we can handle even relatively small trusts efficiently.
  • If necessary, your trust may continue beyond your life to provide financial support to your family members.
  • A trust provides security should you fall ill or become incapacitated.
  • Feel free to travel or enjoy more leisure time.
  • Avoid probate expenses.
  • Living trusts are a convenient, practical and confidential solution for asset management.
  • Trust services at First State Bank & Trust are economical.
Mutual funds, stocks and bonds are not deposits or obligations of any bank; are not guaranteed by any bank; and are not insured or guaranteed by the FDIC, Federal Reserve Board or any other government agency. Investment in mutual funds, stocks or bonds involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Additional information is available from our personal bankers. Please contact us.