Bill Pay

Paying bills for your Business is fast, affordable and convenient with FirstOnline Bill Pay. There are no checks to write, stamps to buy, or envelopes to address and mail. All you need is an Internet connection.
We offer a convenient and affordable Bill Pay product. For just $6.50 per month, perform up to 10 transactions.  Pay  $0.45 for each transaction exceeding 10.
Bill Pay Product Features At-a-Glance


Business Plus Bill Pay

Monthly Fee


Organize and manage all of your bills

Pay bills conveniently from anywhere, anytime

Send Money to anyone

Establish and maintain “who” you pay and when you pay them

Pay multiple bills from a single screen

Send money to accounts at other institutions

Email reminders that you set up based on your bill pay needs

Categorize your payees based on your bill pay needs

Calendar pop ups with payment information

Payment Memo and Comment fields

Security Payment Options

First Month Free